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Six of the Best: Protest Songs
OpinionSep 12, 2017

Dear Jolie, I'm going on a huge sailing trip next year with my man. We've known each other 21 years, but have only been in a proper, beautiful, committed relationship since last Christmas. I want to know how I can withdraw and feel alone to rest and recharge when we are together 24/7 on the boat. I know…

Six of the Best: Protest Songs
OpinionAug 15, 2017

In lieu of having a full blown panic attack, I’m just going to tell the truth. So goes the story of my life. It’s Thursday, and I’m on my period. I’m sitting in the corner of my kitchen where I created a writing/reading nook. I’ve never read a book here, nor have I ever written anything…

Six of the Best: Protest Songs
OpinionAug 9, 2017

Continuing our month-long tribute in celebration of the Indigo Girls' 30th anniversary, we asked singer/songwriter Becky Warren how she'd like to thank Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. It's pretty much impossible to overstate the importance of the Indigo Girls in my life. I grew up in Atlanta, so when I first heard them in 1990 or…

Six of the Best: Protest Songs
OpinionJul 21, 2017

Dear Jolie, I used to live near my brother and his family, and we had a great relationship and saw each other pretty frequently. I moved to another city a few years ago and, ever since I moved, it's like he doesn't know I exist any more. He never, ever gets in touch, and barely will respond…

Six of the Best: Protest Songs
OpinionJun 20, 2017

It all started in the Hague. I was backstage getting ready for the first night of tour with the Mastersons when the Dutch venue crew turned on a live broadcast of the inauguration. I'd hoped that touring Europe during the early days of the new administration would offer a bit of relief from the constant media…