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The StringThe String: Gretchen Peters plus Ben GloverAug 7, 2018
We’re spending much of this hour with someone who’s as thoughtful and articulate about her art as the art itself. Gretchen Peters is a lover of language. She has awe and appropriate respect for the power of words and healthy fear of their misuse. And while I would place her among the most literary of songwriters - Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan are among her heroes - there’s nothing aloof or unreachable in her work. Her reputation in country music was secured by recordings and hits for George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and Martina McBride. But she set out to be a performing songwriter and recording artist, and indeed she's built a devoted following. Peters's new album Dancing With The Beast takes up a lot of time in the conversation ahead. It grapples with the shock of the 2016 presidential election, the tumult in the country and the #MeToo movement. Its stories are ferocious and candid, but as always the music is gorgeous and easy on the ears if not always the heart. Also, we get to know Gretchen's friend and frequent co-writer Ben Glover, an exceptional Nashville based songwriter from the coast of N. Ireland.

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The String: Gretchen Peters plus Ben Glover
The String: Gretchen Peters plus Ben Glover
The String: Gretchen Peters plus Ben Glover
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