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3×3: Alan Getto on the Bayou, the Banjo, and the Meaning of Be

Jul 13, 2017

3x3: Alan Getto on the Bayou, the Banjo, and the Meaning of Be

Artist: Alan Getto
Hometown: Manchester, NH
Latest Album: All Different Times
Personal Nicknames: Ghetto

Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation in your iTunes/Spotify?

Gotta say Queens of the Stone Age. Their new single, “The Way You Used to Do,” is definitely surprising (in a good way). Didn’t see a big-band, swing song coming — no regular swing song, of course; it’s QOTSA.

If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

If you stick your nose in the sound hole of an old Martin guitar — that scent.

What literary character or story do you most relate to?

Well, I recently read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and I still have Raskolnikov on my mind. Not so much that I relate to him (which is a safe thing to say, due to the crime he commits), but empathy (which might not be any safer) for his moral frustrations and sympathy for his fate.


Burn test. It works. #cedar #albumart done by @hauntingleah #staytuned (the unveiling soon)

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What’s your favorite word?

“Be.” I like what it means.

What’s your best physical attribute?

I suppose my eyes — they’re blue — as that’s what I get complimented on the most. Dark hair with blue eyes, I think, is a somewhat uncommon combo.

Which is your favorite Revival — Creedence Clearwater, Dustbowl, Elephant, Jamestown, New Grass, Tent, or -ists?

Creedence. One of my first favorite bands. My mom is from Louisiana so, in a way, I feel like I was “Born on the Bayou.”


My version of #burningman That was the real #monet 

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Banjo, mando, or dobro?

I dabble with banjo, but gotta say mando. I feel like the mando has, more than any other instrument in recent years, really pushed the boundaries of lead-playing and musicianship. Chris Thile also might have something to do with that.

Are you more a thinking or feeling type?

Most people would say thinking, but I think (hehe) that’s just what you see first. I at least value feeling more.

Urban or rural?

Ohhhh, you’re going to have to listen to my upcoming LP, Versus, for an adequate answer — “both” just won’t cut it, and I refuse to choose one or the other.

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3x3: Alan Getto on the Bayou, the Banjo, and the Meaning of Be
3x3: Alan Getto on the Bayou, the Banjo, and the Meaning of Be
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