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  • 3x3: ENTRANCE on Vegetables, Violence, and Vulnerability
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3×3: ENTRANCE on Vegetables, Violence, and Vulnerability

Sep 20, 2016

3x3: ENTRANCE on Vegetables, Violence, and Vulnerability

Hometown: Born in Baltimore, currently torn between L.A. and London 
Latest Album: Promises EP
Personal Nicknames: Froggy, Guy-o

If Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed were in a band together, who would play what?
Krishna obviously would play flute, since he's depicted with a flute in most images I've seen. Buddha would have to play drums. Jesus and Mohammad wouldn't likely get along very well, as each of them is claiming to be the one true prophet. They might be a bit like Noel and Liam from Oasis or Ray and Dave from the Kinks … brilliant songwriting team that can't stand each other personally … but let's just say Jesus on guitar and Mohammed on bass and they'd both sing … 

If you were a candle, what scent would you be? 
Lavender with a hint of sandalwood 

What literary character or story do you most relate to?
This is a great question and hard to answer succinctly. There is a James Joyce story called "Araby," and I always felt a special connection to the main character, describing the irrational, almost mystical possession that happens when a young boy experiences the mystery of obsessive love for the first time. I've also been reading a lot of Virginia Woolf and really connect with her — the insights she shows into the subconscious and the inner workings of the mind. I've always identified with the archetype of the "Hero," especially as portrayed in science fiction, like the character of Luke Skywalker, or Paul Atreides in Dune … the sensitive youth endowed (blessed or cursed?) with special powers and drawn by destiny into the epic battle between good and evil. I'm also following the My Struggle series of autobiographical novels by Karl Ove Knausgaard, and i feel that the way he reveals and explores the nature of awareness and attention and pushes the limit of raw honesty is inspiring, and I identify with a lot of his personality. 

How many pairs of shoes do you own?  

What's your best physical attribute? 
My voice — I try to take care of it and not take it for granted. I've accepted the unique and unusual quality of it and do my best to honor that and keep it pure and true to myself. 

Who is your favorite Bruce: Willis, Springsteen, or Lee?
Bruce Lee … his peaceful warrior philosophy appeals to me. I like the idea (and the practice) of cultivating inner power, but reserving it for the right moment, never projecting it outward or using force, but always ready to respond in a crisis or to protect the vulnerable. Nebraska by Springsteen is a personal favorite, though. 

Animal, mineral, or vegetable?
I guess I'd have to choose vegetable. It's important to embody all of these qualities as human beings are made up of all three. I'd been vegetarian since the age of 10 and recently (about three years ago) became a full carnivore. Now I'm easing back into vegetarianism, as I still see the connection between violence toward other species and the violence of our society in this time of escalating aggression. Plants have a lot to teach us, at this point. 

Rain or shine? 
This has been a big issue for me recently. As I mentioned before, I'm currently torn between living in L.A. and London. I'd have to take the side of RAIN. I've become so accustomed to the endless sunshine of Los Angeles that the gloom and moody atmosphere of English weather is exciting and refreshing … then when the sunshine breaks through a cloud it's a special gift and is easier to appreciate. I guess underlying this is that I prefer changes to everything always being the same. A lot of the songs I've been writing are about the seasons and weather and how contrast is such a huge part of perception. 

Mild, medium, or spicy? 
 I like extremes, so i'm tempted to say spicy, but really I'm more likely to ask for things to be mild. Moderation in all things, even moderation. 

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3x3: ENTRANCE on Vegetables, Violence, and Vulnerability
3x3: ENTRANCE on Vegetables, Violence, and Vulnerability