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3×3: Ira Wolf on Gillian Welch, Getting Magical, and Grossing Out

Oct 5, 2017

Artist: Ira Wolf
Hometown: Missoula, MT
Latest Album: The Closest Thing to Home
Personal Nicknames: N/A

What song do you wish you had written?

“I Can’t Make You Love Me”

Who would be in your dream songwriter round?

Gillian Welch, Ben Gibbard, Sam Beam, Gregory Alan Isakov

If you could only listen to one artist’s discography for the rest of your life, whose would you choose?

Gillian Welch or Iron & Wine


You belong among the wildflowers, You belong where you feel free~

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How often do you do laundry?

Every few weeks, or whenever it’s offered on the road.

What was the last movie that you really loved?

Inside Out. It gives me all the feels, and I cry every time.

If you could re-live one year of your life, which would it be and why?

So far 2017 has been the most magical. I traveled to some of my favorite places in the world, spent time with people I care the most for, and recorded my dream album in Nashville.

What’s your go-to comfort food?

Kraft Mac n Cheese with tuna. I promise it’s not gross.

Kombucha — love it or hate it?

Hate it. After seeing a bunch of friends make their own, I’ll never get over the sight of the mother.

Mustard or mayo?

Mustard. Spicy, preferably.

Photo credit: Dennis Webber

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