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3X3: Man About a Horse on Dress Codes, Death Marches, and Wooly Mammoths

May 11, 2017

3X3: Man About a Horse on Dress Codes, Death Marches, and Wooly Mammoths

Artist: Man About a Horse
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Latest Album: Man About a Horse
Rejected Band Name: We were going to call the band “Cannibal Death March,” but apparently that’s already taken. Which is a shame, because we thought it really fit our sound.

If you could safely have any animal in the world as a pet, which would you choose?

We would like science to get off its haunches and resurrect the wooly mammoth, then miniaturize it. One teacup mammoth, please. We’d teach it to play a tiny gong when visitors come for brunch.

Do your socks always match?

Yes, we adhere to a strict band dress code at all times.

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

(beams you the answer telepathically)

Which describes you as a kid — tree climber, video gamer, or book reader?

We would climb into the library to play video games about trees.

Who was the best teacher you ever had — and why?

There was this old drifter who would spend a few weeks living under the bridge in town each summer. He taught us a lot of stuff we still use day in and day out: how to gut a fish with a can-opener, how to make casual loafers out of banana peels and plastic bags, how to love.

What’s your favorite city?

Philly? We have to say Philly here, right? It’s Philly. 100 percent. (But also Austin.)


*Much* #latergram. Forgot to post this shot of MT rocking the mic at Philly Bierfest last weekend. Happy Friday!

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Boots or sneakers?

Casual loafers only. Sorry. It’s that dang dress code.

Which brothers do you prefer — Avett, Wood, Stanley, Comatose, or Louvin?

We have to go Stanley on this one … though it’s a pretty tough call. Especially if the Avetts want us to open for them?

Head or heart?

The Head AND the Heart! Love that band! One time, we went to see them open for someone and they played all this incredibly beautiful and delicate music and the crowd talked over them the whole time. It was really special.

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