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3×3: Ruby Boots on Snorers, Politicians, and the War on Drugs

Apr 20, 2016

3x3: Ruby Boots on Snorers, Politicians, and the War on Drugs

Artist: Ruby Boots
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Latest Album: Solitude
Personal Nicknames: LOVED: Becles, Bex. HATED: Carrot Top, Wranger, Chewbecca, Bluey.

Your house is burning down and you can grab only one thing — what would you save?
My record collection — I don't own much else anyway,

If you weren't a musician, what would you be?
I would work in a field where I was supporting people without homes and those suffering from mental health issues in a capacity where I could help somehow. I do already do some of that work on the side, so I would put more time into that.

Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation in your iTunes/Spotify?
Only surprising because it has taken me this long to catch on to its beauty is the War On Drugs catalogue. These albums, especially the latest one, are messing me up in a really good way.


#adaytoremember #heromoment

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What is the one thing you can’t survive without on tour?
Noise-cancelling ear phones so that you can gracefully take the snorers' late-night past-times on the chin.

If you had to get a tattoo of someone's face, who would it be?
Janis Joplin — what a sight for sore eyes.

Who is your favorite superhero?
Captain Planet, for sure — there are a few Australian politicians who could take a leaf out of his book … what a sad state of affairs, when you think it could come down to people running our country over here watching an old cartoon to learn something about this planet we live on!

Vinyl or digital?
Vinyl — hands down.

Dolly or Loretta?
That's not a fair question … There is no way I could choose.

Meat lover's or veggie?
Seeing as though I am heading to Texas soon, I would have to say meat lover's.

Photo credit: Rachael Barrett

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