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  • 3x3: Stranger Friends on Pianos, Pickles, and Prime Ministers
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3×3: Stranger Friends on Pianos, Pickles, and Prime Ministers

Nov 8, 2017

3x3: Stranger Friends on Pianos, Pickles, and Prime Ministers

Artist: Jamie Floyd and John Martin (of Stranger Friends)
Stillwater, OK & West Palm Beach, FL
Latest Album: Stranger Friends
Personal Nicknames: I’ve never had an official nickname, but I’ve always loved giving nicknames! My good friend, Sean McCabe, is better known as Freeze. Back in college, he wanted to meet a specific girl. We set up a little meeting at Aspen Coffee Shop in Stillwater and, as you can tell by his nickname, he froze up and didn’t say a word to her. After years of co-workers, friends, and family embracing the nickname, Sean actually got Freeze tattooed on his hand. You can’t make this stuff up! — JM

If you could go back (or forward) to live in any decade, when would you choose?

JM: Maybe the ‘60s, so I could say I saw the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Elvis Comeback Special.

Who would be your dream co-writer?

JM: Bob Dylan. I know he wouldn’t need me … but to watch him work would be like getting to watch Van Gogh paint.

JF: Take me back and put me in a room with a piano and Ray Charles.

If a song started playing every time you entered the room, what would you want it to be?

JM: Very tough question. Maybe I’d go with Pharrell’s “Happy” because it’s difficult to hear that song and not feel good!

What was your favorite grade in school?

JM: For me, 10th grade — leaving campus for lunch changed everything!

JF: 7th grade was my favorite grade. I got into speech and debate. I would get into real political debates with my social studies teachers during class. My passion for advocacy started all the way back then. Today, I have handful of organizations that are important to me, and I use my voice to help in any way I can.

What are you most afraid of?

JM: That’s a toss-up — snakes or spiders … ahhh!!

Who is your celebrity crush?

JM: My wife, Glenda. She is a recurring guest on Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, so she is a celebrity to me!

JF: Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada. I think he counts as a celebrity. What a humanitarian with a huge heart for all people.

Hitting the grey carpet at the @SESAC Awards! • • #Nashville #sesacawards #strangerfriends

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Pickles or olives?

JM: Neither?? I’ve never knowingly had either.

JF: I am a total crazed foodie — all the pickles and all the olives (Castelvetrano Olives are my fave), please & thank you.

Plane, train, or automobile?

JM: Automobile. I like driving because it’s a great place to listen to music and clear the mind.

JF: Planes are my pick. You can see it all from the sky.

Which is worse — rainy days or Mondays?

JM: Actually, I love both. Rainy days remind me of Oklahoma, and Mondays are the first chance at the new week.

JF: Rainy days get me down. I’m a Florida girl. I have to have sunshine.

Photo credit: Joshua Black Wilkins

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3x3: Stranger Friends on Pianos, Pickles, and Prime Ministers
3x3: Stranger Friends on Pianos, Pickles, and Prime Ministers