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3×3: The Deer on ‘Broad City,’ Dolph Lundgren, and Cold Brew Coffee

Apr 28, 2016

3x3: The Deer on 'Broad City,' Dolph Lundgren, and Cold Brew Coffee

Artist: The Deer
Hometown: Austin, TX
Latest Album: Tempest & Rapture
Personal Nicknames: Mike: Deenyo or Peedlemont Greevy; Alan: Owlan Little Pants; Grace: Gracub; Noah: Nugiel; Jesse: Jezebel Slüzen.
Rejected Band Names: Grace Park & the Deer


Cominatcha @harvesthousedenton , @downtownartery , @thewalnutroom !

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Who would play you in the Lifetime movie of your life?
Dolph Lundgren as Grace Park; Keanu Reeves as Mike McLeod; Neal Patrick Harris as Jesse Dalton; Norman Reedus as Noah Jeffries; Jason Lee as Alan Eckert.

If money were no object, where would you live and what would you do?
Money is no object, because we are broke and we are living exactly where we want and do exactly what we want. However, if presented a scholarship, we would pursue underwater coral reef music graduate classes.

If the After-Life exists, what song will be playing when you arrive?
The Garden State soundtrack. Just kidding.

What brand of toothpaste do you use?
Saint Toms of Maine

What was the last movie that you really loved?
Grace: X-Men First Class; Alan: Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon; Mike: Grand Budapest Hotel. Jesse: Moonrise Kingdom.

What's your favorite TV show?
Broad City


Back in the studio mixing with @fatfuse @gooddannys #schoenhut #musictomyears #semicircularcanals

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Morning person or night owl?
Owls all the way up

Johnny or Willie?

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, we smoke tea. Our manager brews us cold brew all day.

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3x3: The Deer on 'Broad City,' Dolph Lundgren, and Cold Brew Coffee