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3×3: The Oh Hellos on Colgate, Cold Brew, and What Rhymes with Maggie

Jan 22, 2016

3x3: The Oh Hellos on Colgate, Cold Brew, and What Rhymes with Maggie

Artist: The Oh Hellos (Tyler and Maggie Heath)
Hometown: San Marcos, TX
Latest Project: Dear Wormwood
Personal Nicknames:
Maggie: Unfortunately, not many nice words rhyme with Maggie, so not many nicknames have stuck around.
Tyler: I frequently have friends threaten me with nicknames like T-bone, Big T, Billy T Williams, Old Bill, etc., but they're all quitters and give up after about an hour.

Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation in your iTunes/Spotify?
T: Neil Cicierega's music is the definition of surprising, and it's been in my rotation more than just about anything lately.
M: '68 is currently probably the most surprising, but mostly because it sheds light on my the Chariot days (long live, never forget). Honestly, I listen to more podcasts than music right now though, what with all the driving! My current favorite is Lore.

Who would play you in the Lifetime movie of your life?
T: Paul F. Tompkins, no question.
M: I will forever be crossing my fingers that my lady-crush Emma Stone would play my role, should Wes Anderson ever be interested in directing a biopic.

If the After-Life exists, what song will be playing when you arrive?
M: I really, really hope it's this.
T: Or this.

What brand of toothpaste do you use?
M: Currently, Colgate sample-size packets, because I left my Arm & Hammer at a hotel last week.
T: I use regular-sized Colgate!

What's your beverage of choice?
T: Cold brew coffee!
M: There is a coffee shop in San Marcos, TX, that makes the very best cold brew in the continental United States. It is called Wake the Dead, and you should go to there to fully know our beverage of choice.
T: "Very best" isn't an exaggeration. We've been all over the country and haven't ever found another shop that can beat it. We welcome all challengers, because good coffee should be shared (and because, if there's better coffee somewhere out there, I want to drink it).

What's your favorite TV show?
T: I've watched Parks and Recreation all the way through at least four times.
M: All of my favorite shows are finished! I think my absolute favorite show was Over the Garden Wall. If you want to be whisked away by whimsy, please go watch it!

Star Wars or Star Trek?
M: I respect both for their own unique qualities!
T: I love them both. Sorry to cop out!

Taylor Swift or Ryan Adams?
M: Taylorallthewaylor
T: I'll say Ryan Adams just to be contrary!

Coffee or tea?
M: There is room in my belly for both.
T: Tea wronged me once as a child and I've never found it in myself to forgive it. Coffee's the only one for me.

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3x3: The Oh Hellos on Colgate, Cold Brew, and What Rhymes with Maggie
3x3: The Oh Hellos on Colgate, Cold Brew, and What Rhymes with Maggie
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