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  • 6 Times Tanya Tucker Showed Us What Pride Is All About
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6 Times Tanya Tucker Showed Us What Pride Is All About

Jun 14, 2023

6 Times Tanya Tucker Showed Us What Pride Is All About

Just in time for Pride Month, singer-songwriter Tanya Tucker released her new album, Sweet Western Sound, with Fantasy Records, marking the Country Music Hall of Fame inductee’s 26th solo studio record. Tucker is an American country icon, having landed her first hit single in 1972 at the age of 13 with “Delta Dawn.”

Tucker has long supported the LGBTQ+ community and queer equality, and Sweet Western Sound hits many of the same notes. The record was produced by Shooter Jennings and Brandi Carlile, the openly lesbian, roots music singer-songwriter and producer who is the only woman to receive two Grammy nominations for Song of the Year in a single year. Tucker has also collab’ed with drag queen and TV legend RuPaul and performed for GLAAD and Nashville Pride.

To celebrate her inclusivity and the new record, we’re counting down some of her most memorable – and most fabulous – stage performances and duets.

Tanya at Nashville Pride 2022 

Is there anything better than rainbows, bedazzled tassels, and feathers? Absolutely not! And Tucker brought all three in her spectacular outfit at Nashville, Tennessee’s Pride celebration in 2022. Tucker sang “If It Don’t Come Easy” on stage during the celebration and was joined by multiple drag queens wearing rainbow tees emblazoned with “Tanya Mother Tucker.” Guests during her set included her dog and her daughter; the two sang Merle Haggard’s apropos “The Way I Am.”

Tanya Shows Some “Kindness”

Tucker’s latest album features a track called “Kindness,” a country-western crooner that encourages us to be a little nicer to those around us. “I found glory in the ruin of the best laid plans,” Tucker sings. “There were times tomorrow felt so far away. It seemed as though the bitterness was here to stay. I’ve pushed down on my anger through my tears.”

The tune is a good reminder we never know what someone else is going through, and that we could all be a little softer because of it.

Tanya and RuPaul Declare “This Is Our Country”

In a totally unexpected, but absolutely harmonious collab, Tucker and RuPaul teamed up in 2021 to release a duet called “This Is Our Country,” a genre-bending blend of country and pop that celebrates inclusion and equality.

“I can be a queen or I can be a cowboy,” RuPual sings.

“Love is the answer, love always wins,” Tanya adds.

The lyrics state firmly that our country is big enough for all its diverse communities and features more than a few of RuPaul’s rap bars. The video performance features some of Drag Race’s most popular queen and contestants, as well as a couple cute, shirtless cowboys.

Tanya In the Moment With “Bring My Flowers Now”

Co-written by Tucker and Carlile — as well as twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth — “Bring My Flowers Now” is a call to show our love and appreciation for friends and family before they’ve passed away. The tune is from her 2019 album While I’m Livin’, also produced by Carlile and Jennings. In the song, Tucker reminds us there are “rainbows, sunshine, and babies” to celebrate in this life, and that we shouldn’t wait until it’s too late. The simple, slow track features a piano instrumental and Tucker’s iconic vocals — perfect for a gentle moment with the ones we cherish most.

Tanya and Brandi Have “Breakfast In Birmingham”

If it’s a classic country duet you’re craving, Tucker and Carlile’s duet on the new album is just the ticket. “Breakfast In Birmingham” features both singers’ warm, soulful vocals and paints a picture of the city’s past with descriptions of hippies, cheap gas, and crispy-fried bacon. There’s also mention of “shutting down the rebel history,” a reminder that there’s a lot to celebrate and remember this Pride.

Tanya’s First Hit, “Delta Dawn”

This would be no list of Tanya Tucker’s best moments without reaching back to her roots. “Delta Dawn” was Tucker’s first hit, and this 2019 performance at The Troubadour features her famous key change as well as beautiful dobro and electric guitar licks.

Around the 2:40 mark, Tucker pauses her singing to let the audience fill in the words and they don’t miss a beat. This tune is always worth a listen and is one of Tucker’s best-known singles.

Whether you’re a fan old or new, Tucker’s got something for everyone — including a message of equality for all. There’s almost no better country singer ally to revisit during Pride Month.

Photo Credit: Derrek Kupish

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6 Times Tanya Tucker Showed Us What Pride Is All About
6 Times Tanya Tucker Showed Us What Pride Is All About