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Basic Folk – Libby Rodenbough

May 11, 2023

Basic Folk - Libby Rodenbough

Libby Rodenbough’s second solo record Between the Blades sees the fiddler and songwriter further stretching from the bluegrass and old-time style of her band Mipso. Born in Greensboro, NC, music was just another activity that Libby did along with soccer and going to Girl Scouts. She played violin in her school’s orchestra and thought she’d be a music major, until a college professor let her know that her playing was not up to par with those who studied classical music at a collegial level. She found herself at local bluegrass jam sessions and meeting her future Mipso band members, which led her to discover that music could be a creative outlet and a means of expression.


On the new record, Libby is processing and coping with the death of her mother, who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and died about 5 months before she began recording the album. Created amongst North Carolina musicians, she found herself nestled in a group of people who were also dealing with loss of and serious illness of loved ones. This gave the sessions a heavy and contemplative feel, but also comforting to be around friends who felt the existence and love of those who were no longer alive in the room. Libby is open, honest and real. We get into lady-things and cat-things. Hope you enjoy Libby! Her new album is wonderful.

Photo Credit: Chris Frisina

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Basic Folk - Libby Rodenbough
Basic Folk - Libby Rodenbough