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  • BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage
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BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage

Feb 20, 2024

BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage

In a mere 10 days, Cayamo’s 16th edition will set sail from Miami for a week of Americana and roots music afloat on the beautiful Caribbean. Fans will spend the intimate week enjoying shows, collaborations, activities, and special events featuring the best musicians and artists in the roots music scene, all while porting in the Dominican Republic and Aruba. The voyage has been long sold out, but for the lucky folks who will be on board the Norwegian Pearl, BGS has a few tips, tricks, and event highlights you won’t want to miss from the jam packed Cayamo schedule.

If you aren’t a ticket holder for Cayamo 2024, join the waiting list – and it’s never too early to start planning next year! This one-of-a-kind roots music event is a truly special experience. Check out the list below for just a few reasons why Cayamo is such a hot ticket and why we’re so looking forward to being back on board with all of you in a few short days.

Buddy Miller’s Port Show Send-Off

Guitarist, producer, and Music City renaissance man Buddy Miller is no stranger to Cayamo, but this year he’s doing a very special port show to kick-off the entire voyage. Directly after the welcome toast on the pool deck on Friday, March 1, Miller will give the Norwegian Pearl a proper send off with the very first performance of the cruise. Catch his set from 3:45 to 5:00pm, with the all aboard call following at 5:30pm, then it’s bon voyage and goodbye to Miami!

As you can tell from this video shot from the audience on Cayamo 2019, you never know who is going to get up on stage with whom – we’re excited to see what special collaborations Miller puts on with other artists and pickers on the lineup.

The BGS Nightcap Hosted by Mipso

BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage

One of the reasons we love Cayamo is getting to hang with and reconnect with so many of our friends! On Tuesday, March 5, at 11:00pm in the ship’s Stardust Theater we’ll reprise our popular Nightcap super jam show from last year, this time with our old pals Mipso as hosts. Speaking of special collaborations, there are bound to be many, many such collaborations at our Nightcap, so don’t miss it if you’ll be on board.

Cayamo Wine Tasting 

Let’s continue with “hangs with friends” for another moment, because a bit earlier in the week, before our BGS Nightcap, Jacob Sharp of Mipso and our own executive director, Amy Reitnouer Jacobs, will be hosting a casual and friendly Cayamo Wine Tasting on Monday, March 4 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in the ship’s Summer Palace. Sharp moonlights as a wine connoisseur and distributor when not making/playing music and our own Reitnouer Jacobs is known to love a good bottle, too. So if you’d like to sip and “nerd out” a bit about wine, soil, grapes, and winemaking, don’t miss the Cayamo Wine Tasting! It’s a perfect example of the unique types of events available to attendees. As the event description puts it, “Amy and Jacob’s friendship is based around sharing food, wine, and music that they see as emotionally poignant – and they’re excited to share that connection with you.”

BGS / Black Opry Artist Karaoke

BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage

Everyone loves karaoke and the teams at BGS and Black Opry certainly agree on that point! We couldn’t imagine a more fun cruise ship activity than getting together a bunch of the amazing artists on the Cayamo lineup to sing karaoke songs with the Black Opry house band backing them up. It’s sure to be a wild, hilarious, and enormously fun time. Catch the action in the Atrium on deck 7 on Wednesday, March 6 at 11:30pm. You never know who might show up to holler your favorite karaoke track!

Coffee & Conversation

Join the hosts of BGS’s podcast Basic Folk, Lizzie No and Cindy Howes, for a live-taped podcast conversation over coffee on Monday, March 4, at 9:00am. Their discussion, entitled, “Community/Commodity: Supporting and Sustaining Artists, Orgs, and Fans in the 21st Century,” will explore how the music industry, its artists, musicians, fans, and listeners can be active participants in creating a world where art isn’t just about consumption – and where music isn’t just a commodity. Bring your morning coffee or tea and enjoy a stimulating conversation that asks how events and organizations like Cayamo can be a model for more community-supported and community-engaging music in the future.

In today’s day and age, it seems like one must choose between capitalism or community… or is that really the case? Is there a way that these two can live side by side in the music industry? We’ll discuss all that and more in this very special live recording of FOLK DEBATE CLUB AT SEA! by Basic Folk.

Shows, Shows, Shows!

Of course, let’s not lose the forest for the trees, here. The most tantalizing part of Cayamo is indeed the limitless live shows, special concerts, and on-stage collaborations that the cruise is known for the world over. Boasting over 100 scheduled shows, there’s music for all tastes and from across the American roots spectrum. Below we’ll collect a handful we’re especially excited to catch on the ship.

We can’t wait to set sail with all of you on Cayamo 2024!


You know them from their work with Peter Mulvey, Allison Russell, Brandi Carlile, Brandy Clark, and many more, but SistaStrings aren’t just a premier string duo working as side musicians with all your favs in Americana – they’re impeccable as a stand-alone group, too. We’ll be catching their set on Saturday, March 2, but we’ll also be keeping an eye out for them to pop up with many other performers on the lineup throughout the voyage.

Sunny War

Sunny War has long been a BGS favorite and she’s certainly one not-to-miss during Cayamo 2024. Her music is often touted for its combination of blues and punk, but even a fleeting exposure to her particular musical stylings reveals she is an artist all her own. There’s nobody out there who quite sounds like Sunny War.

Gabe Lee

If you’re looking for Good Country while on board Cayamo, look no further than Gabe Lee. A Nashville native, Lee offers a forward-looking, gritty, and real take on Music Row’s particular brand of country music. He’s an excellent songwriter and frontman who’s opened for most of your favorite roots artists and we can’t wait to see him shine on the ship.

Black Opry

OF COURSE we’re so excited Black Opry is on board Cayamo 2024. You won’t want to miss our karaoke event, but even more important is that you don’t miss their marquee event, the Black Opry Writer’s Round, which has been a tent pole of this collective’s work for the past several years. (That show is Monday, March 4, at 11:00am in the Stardust Theater.)

There’s a reason why Black Opry is showing up just about everywhere these days – and it’s not just Beyoncé going country. This collective centers the art and experiences of a group of folks who remain underserved and underrepresented in Nashville, on Music Row, and at events like these. And the artists they showcase are always of the highest quality.

In whatever iteration Black Opry will take during their many events on Cayamo, they will demonstrate yet again that these musicians, pickers, and singer-songwriters making American Roots music are joyfully carrying on an age-old tradition – while reminding all of us how none of these genres would exist without the vital contributions of Black folks and Black creators.


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BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage
BGS Returns to Cayamo: Our Tips and Event Highlights for the Voyage