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BGS WRAPS: Andrew Bird, “Skating”

Dec 17, 2019

BGS WRAPS: Andrew Bird,

Artist: Andrew Bird
Song: “Skating”
Album: HARK!

In Their Words: “I’ve never had the impulse to make a holiday record until last February. I found myself enjoying the Vince Guaraldi Peanuts records and thought I’d book a few days in the studio. It was an excuse to play some classic jazz with my favorite musicians. A lot of folks have a hard time with the holidays, but they serve a purpose to us as a people — to create comfort, warmth, and atmosphere within the darkness and the cold that can crush one’s spirit. There are a couple originals in here that address this idea of light and warmth in the darkness as well as some classics that have some nostalgic resonance with me. Hark! What sounds come flowing alabaster?” — Andrew Bird

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BGS WRAPS: Andrew Bird,
BGS WRAPS: Andrew Bird,