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BGS WRAPS: The Oak Ridge Boys, “Down Home Christmas”

Dec 14, 2019

BGS WRAPS: The Oak Ridge Boys,

Artist: The Oak Ridge Boys
Song: “Down Home Christmas”
Album: Down Home Christmas

In Their Words:Down Home Christmas began much like the other seven Christmas albums we have recorded. But things changed. Most of the songs I had collected were put on the shelf, and we started looking for songs that addressed specific subjects related to Christmas. Dave Cobb was the producer/coach/motivator for this project. He encouraged us to dig a little deeper into our souls, to capture the magic of each song. With very simple instrumentation, the four Oak Ridge Boys’ voices are out front, and in your face, with the awesome, huge sound of RCA Studio A wrapped around, but not overpowering it.” — Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys

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BGS WRAPS: The Oak Ridge Boys,