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BGS Wraps: Tom Mason, “Little Elvis, King of the Elves”

Dec 20, 2020

BGS Wraps: Tom Mason,

Artist: Tom Mason
Album: Under a Mistletoe Sky
Song: “Little Elvis, King of the Elves”
Release Date: November 6, 2020

In Their Words: “The holidays are all about nostalgia, and what could be [more] nostalgic than Elvis? As a kid I’d stare longingly at the guitars in catalogues. When I got older, my first traveling gig was with an Elvis impersonator, so I suppose I have a soft spot for the King. I imagined ‘Little Elvis’ as an elfin Elvis impersonator on a cartoon Christmas special we’d see as kids, watching in our pajamas just before going off to bed to dream of the arrival of Christmas. In these crazy, splintered times I wanted to make a holiday CD that was fun and inclusive, focusing on the joyful aspects of the season. I set out to write new songs that would tap into the nostalgia of the holidays. If ever I doubted a song wasn’t Christmas-y enough, there was a simple solution: more sleigh bells!” — Tom Mason

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BGS Wraps: Tom Mason,
BGS Wraps: Tom Mason,