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BGS WRAPS: Whitehorse, “Merry Christmas, Baby”

Dec 12, 2018

BGS WRAPS: Whitehorse, “Merry Christmas, Baby”

Artist: Whitehorse
Song: “Merry Christmas, Baby”
Album: A Whitehorse Winter Classic

In Their Words: “‘Merry Christmas, Baby’ is the closest I’ll get to spelling out my reservations about Christmas and the process I go through almost every year, which ultimately has me capitulate/participate. The consumerism and religiosity will always be a challenge for me, but at the end of the day I know how special the magic and make-believe are for children and my own childhood was made very special by parents who put on a pretty great show once a year. They made us feel like the wonder and awe of Santa Claus was worth suspending our disbelief. We see the world through the eyes our kids and their joy is worth investing in.” – Luke Doucet, Whitehorse

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BGS WRAPS: Whitehorse, “Merry Christmas, Baby”