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Gig Bag: Shannon McNally

Jul 24, 2017

Welcome to Gig Bag, a BGS feature that peeks into the touring essentials of some of our favorite artists. This time around, Southern soul rocker Shannon McNally gives us a look at what she has to have handy when she’s out on the road. 

My best merch girl. Maeve. 

A healthy handful of good stones. Turquoise from the Austin pow wow and Santa Fe, as well as red coral and moon stone.

A heaping supply of good medicine for inside and out. Body brush, turkey tail mushroom for immunity, milk thistle for liver support, a plant based multi, ashwanganda for healthy stress response, and essential oils for my mind and soul. 

Best boots ever. I bought them for $400 10 years ago, so that’s about a penny a day. I wear them with virtually everything including bathing suit and ball gowns. 

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