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LISTEN: Ags Connolly, “Overwhelmed”

Apr 19, 2023

LISTEN: Ags Connolly,

Artist: Ags Connolly
Hometown: Oxfordshire, England
Song: “Overwhelmed”
Album: Siempre
Release Date: June 16, 2023
Label: Finstock Music

In Their Words: “As the album Siempre is partly a celebration of Texas music I wanted there to be at least one ‘barroom’ waltz on it. The title and hook for ‘Overwhelmed’ had both been in my head for a long time and a slower waltz groove seemed natural with them. The word itself is quite easily stretched out over a melody — I couldn’t think of many other songs where it’s been featured prominently.

“The origin of the title was looking back on a situation that had gone before at what seemed a safe distance to afford me some clarity on it: what I found was I was still as immersed in and confused by it then as I had been in the past. ‘Overwhelmed’ was the apt word. The players are what bring this song to life: Rob Updegraff has an incredible guitar tone and Billy Contreras creates magic with the fiddle. I’m lucky to have had them involved.” — Ags Connolly

Photo Credit: Kev Lloyd

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LISTEN: Ags Connolly,
LISTEN: Ags Connolly,