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LISTEN: Almond&Olive, ‘Mulberry Hill’

Nov 29, 2016

LISTEN: Almond&Olive, 'Mulberry Hill'

Artist: Almond&Olive
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Song: "Mulberry Hill"
Album: Standing at the Precipice
Release Date: January 27, 2017

In Their Words: "'Mulberry Hill' was one of the first songs Natalie and I played together. I wrote it year or so before I brought it to the band, and immediately our voices meshed together perfectly, with Natalie's beautiful guitar melody completing the arrangement. The song was a hit right away with our fans, who seemed to relate to the wistful tone of love not realized, as well as the forlorn refrain of forbidden romance. The song tries capture that moment of dreaming and hope right when you realize you love someone you can't have, but think, just for a minute, maybe it will all work out." — Ollie Davidson

Photo credit: Natalie Alms

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LISTEN: Almond&Olive, 'Mulberry Hill'
LISTEN: Almond&Olive, 'Mulberry Hill'