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LISTEN: Anthony Howell, “Salt River Canyon”

Apr 7, 2023

LISTEN: Anthony Howell,

Artist: Anthony Howell
Hometown: Kosciusko, Mississippi
Song: “Salt River Canyon”
Album: Hold Back the Dawn
Release Date: March 14, 2023

In Their Words: “I first heard this song a few years ago, when I was working with Williamson Branch. It’s off of a solo album that Kevin Williamson released in 1993 called Write Between The Lines. Kevin’s a great songwriter, and I tend to think that this is one of his best! I love this song because it really paints a picture. When you listen to the song, it speaks of the Salt River Canyon at night. Imagining the canyon at night with a full moon and stars, shining into the Salt River, would be a beautiful sight to see. With the unique chorus melody, and the harmony stack, I fell in love with the song, and I’m very excited to have recorded the song myself. I loved the song so much that I wanted to release it as the leading single from my new album. I actually used a line in the third verse for my album title, Hold Back The Dawn. This track features Kevin Williamson on lead vocals, Shawn Lane on tenor vocals, and myself on baritone vocals and all of the instruments.” — Anthony Howell

Photo Credit: Gerry Sanders

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LISTEN: Anthony Howell,
LISTEN: Anthony Howell,