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LISTEN: Caiola, “Alaska”

Oct 2, 2020

LISTEN: Caiola,

Artist: Caiola
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Song: “Alaska”
Album: Only Real When Shared
Release Date: October 2, 2020
Label: Workaround Records

In Their Words: “‘Alaska’ tells the story of a brief yet impactful love affair. Someone who has been emotionally closed off for years has their eyes opened to the opportunity of a relationship. The stripped-down instrumental arrangement draws glaring attention to the lyrics as warm textures build around a droning, woody, repetitive fingerpicked acoustic. The stacked vocals both doubling and harmonizing were meant to add to the width of the track, sonically. I’ve always liked doubling my vocals and wanted the chorus to be set apart from the verses with all the added layers. I think guys like José González, Justin Vernon, and S. Carey do this really effectively and that’s sort of what we referenced, production-wise.” — Caiola

Photo credit: Kirby Sybert

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LISTEN: Caiola,
LISTEN: Caiola,