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LISTEN: Caitlin Canty, “Where Is the Heart of My Country”

Sep 30, 2020

LISTEN: Caitlin Canty,

Artist: Caitlin Canty
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Single: “Where Is the Heart of My Country”
Release Date: September 30, 2020
Label: Tone Tree Music

In Their Words: “‘Where is the Heart of My Country’ first sparked for me as I flew home from California and spent most of the flight gazing out the window. At 30,000 feet, the rivers and roads looked like the flowing veins and arteries of our country. The patchwork of quilted farmland and tight-knit cities drove home how connected we truly are as Americans, despite the fractured state of our nation.

“At the time, I’d been trading off between scrolling angrily through the news and reading Woody Guthrie’s autobiography, Bound for Glory, which likely helped direct my rage and sadness into this song. I was aching over our country’s growing division, disheartened by the people stoking the flames and inspired by strong voices raised in protest. I was thinking about the many chapters of America’s past and wondering where our story goes from here.

“To record this song in the early months of the pandemic, Noam Pikelny and I set up a makeshift studio at home with borrowed gear. I was eight months pregnant when I tracked my part; standing up, guitar slung to the side, the baby monitor as a talk-back mic. I am so grateful for the beautiful contributions from the band of Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, Noam Pikelny, and Andrew Marlin. The microphones are now torn down and the room where I sang ‘Where is the Heart of My Country’ is a nursery. I hope by the time my son is old enough to understand the refrain, its sentiment will seem like a relic of the distant past.” — Caitlin Canty

Photo credit: Laura Partain

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LISTEN: Caitlin Canty,
LISTEN: Caitlin Canty,