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LISTEN: Daryl Mosley, “A Few Years Ago”

May 20, 2020

LISTEN: Daryl Mosley,

Artist: Daryl Mosley
Hometown: Waverly, Tennessee
Song: “A Few Years Ago”
Album: The Secret of Life
Release Date: May 22, 2020
Label: Pinecastle Records

In Their Words: “I think as you age, you become more introspective. These days I seem to have much more clarity about my past, both professionally and personally. I have some wonderful memories of experiences I’ve had and as I look back on them, I would not change a thing. But I also have some real regrets in some of the decisions I made and how those things turned out. But you realize that on the road of life, there is no place to turn around. You can’t change any of it. All you can do is appreciate the positive experiences and hopefully learn from the negative experiences and grow as a person. That’s what ‘A Few Years Ago’ is about — accepting the past and your responsibility in it, and moving forward as a wiser, better individual.” — Daryl Mosley

Photo credit: Patty Lindley

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LISTEN: Daryl Mosley,
LISTEN: Daryl Mosley,