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LISTEN: Kim Moberg, “The Eighth Fire – Wings of the Winds”

Aug 9, 2023

LISTEN: Kim Moberg,

Artist: Kim Moberg
Hometown: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the traditional territory of the Indigenous Nauset and Wampanoag Nations
Song: “The Eighth Fire – Wings of the Winds”
Album: The Seven Fires Prophecy
Release Date: August 11, 2023

In Their Words: “The Seven Fires Prophecy teaches us that the Native Elders go to sleep because the people turn their backs on their ancient wisdom and teachings. It also tells us that if we learn to live with one another and our environment in peace and respect, the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth Fire which is the fire of brother and sisterhood.

“It is my never-ending hope that, with a lot of work, we can and will accomplish this.

“I wrote ‘The Eighth Prophecy – Wings of the Winds’ as my vision of hope after hearing a comment by National Indigenous Archbishop Mark McDonald who said, ‘When it is time for Indigenous People to return to the land, it will be the artists who will call them back.’ I believe the time has come for artists β€” songwriters, musicians, painters, dancers β€” to awaken the Elders by being open, listening, understanding, and learning from their wisdom and sharing what we learn through our art.

“The song title honors all directions of the winds – north, south, east, west, up and down – winds that carry the ancient wisdom of the Elders to us. That wisdom tells us that we already hold the power to rise up and take action for peaceful and positive change. All we have to do is listen.” – Kim Moberg

Photo Credit: Barry Schneier

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LISTEN: Kim Moberg,
LISTEN: Kim Moberg,