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LISTEN: Dex Romweber, ‘I Don’t Know’

Sep 6, 2016

LISTEN: Dex Romweber, 'I Don't Know'

Artist: Dex Romweber
Hometown: Carrboro, NC
Song: “I Don’t Know”
Album: Carrboro
Release Date: September 9
Label: Bloodshot Records

In Their Words: ''I really enjoyed making this record, though a lot of changes were happening around me … being on my own now — my sister left my duo two years ago. I put the songs in an order I really like playing and that says (the songs) something about my own life.

'I Don’t Know' seemed practically written for me — every line I completely understood and knew about. Same with ''Tomorrow’s Taking My Baby Away,' 'I Had A Dream' … they spoke to me personally, and I love instrumentals! Writing, learning, playing them. Well I sing, but also enjoy laying back and just playing the guitar or organ.

To Pete Townshend, I look for for inspiration. I love torch songs … vocal, piano … Ray Charles, Nat King Cole. Country music and jazz music. But writing it, playing, I see in my mind’s eye even before doing it. Artists draw from many things, people, experiences. This record is simply a sum total of my whole life and what I’ve become as of right now. Josh White, Django Reinhardt, Big John Taylor, Elvis … I mean they all LIVE in me!" — Dex Romweber

Photo credit: Stan Lewis

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LISTEN: Dex Romweber, 'I Don't Know'