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LISTEN: Glen Phillips, “Brand New Blue”

Nov 1, 2022

LISTEN: Glen Phillips,

Artist: Glen Phillips
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Song: “Brand New Blue”
Album: There Is So Much Here
Release Date: November 4, 2022
Label: Compass Records

In Their Words: “‘Brand New Blue’ was written as an assignment from Matt The Electrician’s songwriting game, as were many of the songs on this album, There Is So Much Here. I’d missed a week, and incorporated two weeks’ worth of prompts — Brand New Blue and The Next Room — into this song. What came out was something about the Groundhog Day aspect of lockdown, the particular doldrums of being in the same environment every day for months on end. The song ‘Sound of Drinking’ is about the silver linings of that time. This song is more about the boredom and depression of it all. Just because there was the one doesn’t mean there wasn’t also the other.” — Glen Phillips

Photo Credit: Chris Orwig

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LISTEN: Glen Phillips,
LISTEN: Glen Phillips,