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LISTEN: Jackson Emmer, “What Good Is a Gentle Man?”

Dec 22, 2022

LISTEN: Jackson Emmer,

Artist: Jackson Emmer
Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado
Song: “What Good Is a Gentle Man?”
Album: 22 in ’22
Release Date: December 14, 2022
Label: Diamond Ranch Records

In Their Words: “I had originally planned to release 12 singles this year instead of an album, but my wonderful wife told me: ‘That’s not hard for you! Step it up. How about 22 in ’22?’ She is full of great ideas. This song in particular is one I was intimidated to write. I was even more scared to record and release it — but hey, that’s the whole deal.

“‘What Good Is a Gentle Man?’ is my minor league, anti-toxic masculinity manifesto. Sure, it’s a divisive phrase, but also accurate. Men who recoil in self-defense at this phrase are the same men who threaten their daughter’s boyfriends with shotguns and don’t see the irony. Men who recoil at this phrase are the same men who tap their friend’s nuts while watching ‘the big game’ and then wonder why they have no one to confide in. They excel at hurting the ones they love, weaponizing their egos, and playing the victim. They sh*t where they sleep. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen it. You’ve probably done it. Toxic masculinity is real, and we all need to work on it together. Thanks for listening.” — Jackson Emmer

Photo Credit: Jon Estes

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LISTEN: Jackson Emmer,
LISTEN: Jackson Emmer,