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LISTEN: Lindi Ortega, “Liberty” (from ‘Liberty: Piano Songbook’)

Jan 17, 2019

LISTEN: Lindi Ortega,

Artist: Lindi Ortega
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Song: “Liberty”
Album: Liberty: Piano Songbook
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Label: Shadowbox Music

In Their Words: “What I love about the Piano Songbook version of ‘Liberty’ is how it still has this vintage vibe to it. I immediately picture this tune being played on an old Western saloon piano. I think the sense of triumph is still captured in the chorus but new elements reveal themselves in the melody, and in the bridge of the song that allows it to take a new shape. It’s been extremely interesting for me to get a real sense of the melodies without vocals. Piano has always been an instrument I truly respect and love the sound of; to be honest, I don’t think a full instrumental would work properly with any single instrument other than piano. Piano has body, richness and fullness all on its own. ‘Liberty’ was one of the more produced songs on the original record, and for it to still carry itself with piano is really cool.” — Lindi Ortega

Photo credit: Kate Nutt

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LISTEN: Lindi Ortega,
LISTEN: Lindi Ortega,