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LISTEN: Luke LaLonde, “Go Somewhere”

Nov 27, 2019

LISTEN: Luke LaLonde,

Artist: Luke Lalonde
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Song: “Go Somewhere”
Album: The Perpetual Optimist
Release Date: November 22, 2019
Label: Paper Bag Records

In Their Words: “I wrote this song for my dad. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment at the time (he’s doing great now and is cancer-free). He was really the person that encouraged me to start writing my own songs and I wanted to write something for him to show how important these bits of advice were in my life. He’s a musician too, and he always tended to frame that narrative like he never made it, so that’s where the chorus comes from. But of course your parents are so big when you’re a kid, so him coming in to my kindergarten class to play songs for us was like, ‘Hey, my dad’s a rock star.’ The song was written as a personal note to my dad and mom, made the rounds among my family, and is now on my album.” — Luke LaLonde

Photo credit: Daniel Neuhaus

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LISTEN: Luke LaLonde,
LISTEN: Luke LaLonde,