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LISTEN: Meadow Mountain, “Shadow of a Mountain”

Nov 1, 2018

LISTEN: Meadow Mountain,

Artist: Meadow Mountain
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Song: “Shadow of a Mountain”
Album: Meadow Mountain
Release Date: November 2, 2018
Label: Tape Time Records

In Their Words: “This was the first song I wrote that I kept. I was living in Colorado at the time and wanted to write a song that evokes the scenery there. The mountains can offer sublime beauty and inspiration but they can also be very cold and uninviting places. The lyrics of ‘Shadow’ attempt to paint that picture of the Colorado mountains. It’s also the classic bluegrass tale of longing for lost love, but I decided to throw a little dark twist in at the end, which makes it even a little more lonesome.

“There isn’t really a chorus here, but rather a chorus melody, with different words every time. This lyrical technique is reminiscent of old folk ballads, where the story seems to go on and on. When we first started playing this tune live I was always nervous I was going to forget the words, and did a few times! I’m glad it’s all muscle memory now.” — George Guthrie

Photo credit: Grace Clark

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LISTEN: Meadow Mountain,
LISTEN: Meadow Mountain,