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LISTEN: Megan Keely, ‘Love Will Find You’

May 23, 2018

LISTEN: Megan Keely, 'Love Will Find You'

Artist: Megan Keely
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Song: “Love Will Find You”
Album: Bloom
Release Date: May 25, 2018

In Her Words: “‘Love Will Find You’ was the first song I wrote off the Bloom song cycle. It was a rainy day in August 2016 and I was on my way home from a magical seaside wedding on the Oregon coast. I was alone in the airport cafe, scribbling in my notebook, basking in the beautiful afterglow and digesting something that the bride’s parents had said to me on my way out. They had asked me for updates on my love life, and with no good news to share, I muttered, “I’ll find love some day.” They looked me in the eye and said, “No, Megan, love will find you.” The next day, the song spilled out of me in an unconscious effort to remind myself once and for all that the aloneness I felt was part of a long and crucial process that I needed in order to grow into the person I would become. Flying solo to a wedding was the very step I needed in order to rediscover and strengthen the needle of my own emotional and moral compass — the internal guide that would eventually lead me to the true, open-hearted, laughter-filled love I wanted.” – Megan Keely

Photo credit: Stephanie Dandan

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LISTEN: Megan Keely, 'Love Will Find You'
LISTEN: Megan Keely, 'Love Will Find You'