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LISTEN: Moonsville Collective, ‘Big Jimmy’

Oct 5, 2015

LISTEN: Moonsville Collective, 'Big Jimmy'

Artist: Moonsville Collective
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Song: "Big Jimmy"
Album: Heavy Howl
Release Date: October 30
Label: Rock Ridge Music

In Their Words: "My wife turned me on to Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry a long time ago, and they are always in and out of my CD player. Brownie once prefaced a song saying how most blues songs are about woman, whiskey, or money, and from here the idea of 'Big Jimmy' started mulling around my brain and fingers. I don't have much money or the best of looks, but I do have a woman. Jimmy kind of came in as this threat to the things I'm trying to hold on to and, in the vein of classic, dark-humored country tunes, he succeeds. The repetitive 'Yes, sir!' line in every verse is a nod to one of my favorite old-time tunes called 'Hot Corn, Cold Corn,' which I picked up from an elderly, fiddle-playing pharmaceutical driver from Los Osos, CA. Some of the songs on the record were harder to record than others, but 'Big Jimmy' came pretty easily. Matt, our mandolin player took over a lot of the instrumentation on the first couple of verses which came out so well. It really gives the song a warm, shiny feel. We've always enjoyed playing fun, fast songs that folks can move and smile to. It becomes less about us or the tune, and more about the energy that is shared with us and our fans/friends. We always enjoy it." — Corey Adams

Instructions: Slap your knee or tap your toes on this one. It deserves it.

Photo credit: Martin Franco Vielma

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LISTEN: Moonsville Collective, 'Big Jimmy'
LISTEN: Moonsville Collective, 'Big Jimmy'