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LISTEN: National Park Radio, ‘The Great Divide’

Jun 14, 2016

LISTEN: National Park Radio, 'The Great Divide'

Artist: National Park Radio
Hometown: Harrison, AR
Song: “The Great Divide”
Album: The Great Divide
Street date: July 29
Label: Edgewater Music Group

In Their Words: “It started as a feeling I had while driving home from a week in the Rocky Mountains, at a time when I was seriously considering a move from the place I had always lived. But since then, it has become something much more than just a song about wanting to live in a different place. It's about enacting change, taking control, and writing your own story. 'The Great Divide' has turned into sort of an anthem for my life — pushing through to see what's beyond those mountains, rather than settling in the valley where I was born.” — Stefan Szabo

Photo credit: Szabo-Adams

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LISTEN: National Park Radio, 'The Great Divide'