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LISTEN: Ponderosa Grove, “Changin'”

Mar 2, 2022

LISTEN: Ponderosa Grove,

Artist: Ponderosa Grove
Hometown: Prescott, Arizona
Song: “Changin'”
Release Date: March 4, 2022

In Their Words: “Ponderosa Grove is definitely a COVID-built band. We came together organically out of the need to keep working as musicians — not for any pay, that disappeared immediately in lockdown, but for the benefit of our own souls. Drew, Josh, and I as well as our backing band members and producer, Cosimo Bohrman, Gigi Gonaway, and Johan Glidden, are all professional musicians by trade. When the world shut down, any sense of normalcy came from writing songs. From those songs came an album, The Debut, and from that album came a lot of open arms to the sound that very naturally took shape.

“‘Changin” is a single that was also born out of that period. Like so many others, I personally had quite a trying year with many highs and lows. Driving home one day, I thought, ‘You know this is just another change. And it’s OK. You’re just changing, and so is everything around you.’ And the beginnings of the chorus were born: ‘Changin’, yeah we’re all just changin’.’ Look around, it’s happening everywhere.” — Candace Devine

Photo Credit: Dylan Ludwig

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LISTEN: Ponderosa Grove,
LISTEN: Ponderosa Grove,