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LISTEN: Tall Heights, “The Mountain”

Jun 15, 2021

LISTEN: Tall Heights,

Artist: Tall Heights
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Song: “The Mountain”
Release Date: June 15, 2021

In Their Words: “We never met the man whose photo inspired ‘The Mountain,’ but we felt his loss all the same. The image was of an old man, a friend’s grandfather, looking out at the Green Mountains of Vermont from his deathbed with the glow of the sunset on his face. It was a singular moment of imminent departure. And I think the song plays equally well at a wedding, and a funeral, as an agnostic promise for people in love even after death do them part. Verse one sums it up: ‘You always loved that mountain, so honey that’s where you’ll go. Not trying to be morbid, but at the end of your road, if you go somewhere else before I do, I’ll be looking at the mountain, honey, I’ll be making eyes at you.’ Even as we attempt some semblance of our old lives, there’s an elephant in the room of everything the pandemic has stolen from us, among them the ability to gather and collectively mourn those losses. It’s time to heal together.” — Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, Tall Heights

Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik

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LISTEN: Tall Heights,
LISTEN: Tall Heights,