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LISTEN: The Grascals, ‘I Know Better’

Dec 9, 2015

LISTEN: The Grascals, 'I Know Better'

Artist: The Grascals
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: "I Know Better"
Album: and then there’s this …
Release Date: January 8
Label: Mountain Home Music Company

In Their Words: "This project was a blast to do, from beginning to end. With the combination of our new lead and tenor singer, John Bryan, and this being the first recording we have had the chance to do with fiddler Adam Haynes, the excitement level was way up on this project, and I think our fans will hear it in the music. John is one of the finest young singers in our business today and Grascals fans are loving the addition of John to our live shows. Adam is a seasoned pro, and his fiddling has brought the band to new heights. I believe this new talent shows through on the new album. I feel this record is the most traditional one we’ve done. It’s the first Grascals album without piano, steel, or drums. This decision was not necessarily by design. It was just what we felt each song did or didn’t need.

We are very blessed with material from some of the best songwriters in the business: Carl Jackson, Larry Cordell, Billy Smith, Alan O'Bryant, Harley Allen, Jeffery East, Bill Castle, Billy Droze, Shawn Camp, Sharlene Hazelwood, and Ray Edwards, plus an original from the band. I hope our fans enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed making it. We are so excited to perform this new material on our upcoming shows." — Danny Roberts

Photo courtesy of Mountain Home Music Company

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LISTEN: The Grascals, 'I Know Better'