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LISTEN: The South Austin Moonlighters, “Box of Memories”

May 24, 2023

LISTEN: The South Austin Moonlighters,

Artist: The South Austin Moonlighters
Hometown: Austin, TX
Song: “Box of Memories”
Album: From Here to Home
Release Date: June 30, 2023
Label: The South Austin Moonlighters Records

In Their Words: “It’s tough to get over losing someone you love. For a long time, I carried a ‘memory’ around with me everywhere I went and it affected everything I did – without me really knowing it. There’s a lot of that in us. I’m not really the best communicator (which is why I think I get such satisfaction in writing songs), so it was really difficult for me or anyone around me to really know what was going on inside. One time a good friend told me something to this effect: ‘You know, no one can live up to that memory you’re carrying around with you in your head.’ He was right. There was something about it that I understood well, and I swore I wouldn’t live that way anymore. A few years later, I set out to write this song in retrospect.” – Chris Beall

Photo Credit: Mark Del Castillo

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LISTEN: The South Austin Moonlighters,