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MIXTAPE: Chris Eldridge

Dec 9, 2013

MIXTAPE: Chris Eldridge

Our second¬†Mixtape comes by way¬†of¬†Punch Brothers’ guitarist and all around¬†great guy Chris ‘Critter’ Eldridge. ¬†Chris has some pretty refined tastes and, while on a short break from PB’s extensive touring schedule, sent The Bluegrass Situation the top five songs he’s listening to right now…

ARTIST:  Andy Irvine and Paul Brady
TRACK:  Plains of Kildare
ALBUM:  Andy Irvine and Paul Brady

‘I only just recently discovered Andy Irvine’s music and I have to say, he is surely one of the all time great creative minds in folk. ¬†Irish music is new to me, but this record has to be as good a place to start as any.’


ARTIST:  Jimmie Rivers and Vance Terry
TRACK: ¬†Jimmie’s Blues
ALBUM:  Brisbane Bop

‘Vance Terry on pedal steel is one of the most exciting, amazing improvisers I’ve ever heard on any instrument. ¬†His second solo on this song is one of my favorite instrumental solos of all time. ¬†Also, the rhythm section is laying it down!’


[You can purchase Brisbane Bop on Amazon]


ARTIST:  Jody Stecher
TRACK:  Wild Bill Jones
ALBUM:  Going Up On the Mountain

‘This is such a cool version of an old tune that we all know. ¬†Jody Stecher is an amazing singer has a brilliant mind for songs and arrangements. ¬†Y’all need to go and buy this record.’


ARTIST:  Bill Frisell
TRACK: ¬†Nature’s Symphony
ALBUM:  Gone, Just Like a Train

‘This track is a beautiful meditation on space in music. ¬†I love how it’s mostly just a collection of a few themes that he repeats over and over, but somehow it never gets old.’


ARTIST:  John Hartford
TRACK:  Old Joe Clark
ALBUM:  Morning Bugle

‘Quite simply, John Hartford is my hero. ¬†In the best way possible he was simultaneously reverent and irreverent toward tradition. ¬†Despite the title being the same as the old fiddle tune, this is an original song that’s funky and wild and beautiful, just like John Hartford was.’


You can hear Chris on the latest Punch Brothers album, Who’s Feeling Young Now?

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MIXTAPE: Chris Eldridge
MIXTAPE: Chris Eldridge