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NEW ON THE SCENE: Andrew Combs

May 31, 2013

NEW ON THE SCENE: Andrew Combs


Happy Holidays, Situation readers!  What better way to bring in some festive cheer than with our second installment of NEW ON THE SCENE.  December’s artist is Nashville singer-songwriter ANDREW COMBS.  The Sitch’s Brian Hepp caught a few words with Andrew before he kicks off his winter tour through the southeast with The Tumbleweeds in support of his new LP Worried Man.

What is your ideal performance setting? Venue? Audience?

Andrew:  With a band, I prefer a rock club with a whole lot of people drinking, sweating, and singing along. Solo, I prefer a listening room.

Do your Texas roots come into play when you write?  How much Nashville-musician are we hearing in ‘Worried Man’ in comparison to Texas-musician?

Andrew:  My willingness to stretch the boundary, when it comes to the lyrics and the story, probably comes from Texas – being influenced by guys like Joe Ely, Mickey Newbury, and Guy Clark. My love of a ‘structured song’ probably comes from Nashville. But I don’t really know. I try not to strictly abide by any ‘rules’ to songwriting.

Where do you and the band be a year from now?

Andrew:  Just playing songs to whomever will listen and give us free beer.

What is it about Nashville that appeals to a young musician?

Andrew:  Community and competition. Surround yourself with talent, and you’re only going to get better.

What inspired the track “Worried Man”?  It’s a strangely violent but super catchy song…

Andrew:  This track is purely fictional. Of course I would never shoot anyone. I wrote it one night in Austin, Texas, when I took one too many Diablo caffeine pills. My mom and my ex-girlfriend aren’t huge fans of the song. Everyone else seems to like it.

What is your dream musical collaboration?

Andrew:  I’d love to work with Buddy Miller at some point.

Your bio describes your music as “country soul swag”.  Has your sound evolved from that or does that definition still fit your musical style?

Andrew:  It’s kind of a tongue and cheek phrase I coined, but I think it fits what I am doing right now – a little country, a little soul, and a bit of attitude.

Any final words to your fans?

Andrew:  Love you.

For more information on Andrew Combs, check out andrewcombs.net and give Worried Man a few spins.  It’ll make your holiday season that much better.

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NEW ON THE SCENE: Andrew Combs
NEW ON THE SCENE: Andrew Combs