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River Whyless, ‘The Hunt’

Jan 18, 2017

River Whyless, 'The Hunt'

If you've got a sibling, you know it's not always all that easy to get along. Some days you're best buds; others, you're rivaling Noam and Liam Gallagher in your distaste for each other. Asheville, North Carolina outfit River Whyless has written a stirring ode to these less-than-cheerful periods of sibling dissatisfaction.

Ryan O'Keefe, who wrote the song and serves as the band's main vocalist and guitarist, explains that "The Hunt" is, more specifically, about two brothers attempting to salvage their broken relationship.

“They're searching for a connection that binds siblings. The search for the energy that draws family back together when they've been pulled apart," he says.

The tune is even-keeled, with a meditative acoustic guitar lead and beautiful fiddle parts supported by a rumbling rhythm section that never overpowers its counterparts. "The Hunt" is just out as a single right now, but for just a dollar you can cop it from River Whyless' bandcamp.

If that's not enough, some of you West Coast folks can catch River Whyless on the road this Fall, after they make a stop at the Hopscotch Music Festival in their home state in a few weeks. 

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River Whyless, 'The Hunt'
River Whyless, 'The Hunt'