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Root 66: Jared and the Mill’s Roadside Favorites

Oct 5, 2016

Root 66: Jared and the Mill's Roadside Favorites

Name: Jared and the Mill
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Latest Project: Orme Dugas

Tacos: La Santisima — 120 % — in Phoenix, AZ.

Burger: Dick's Burgers in Seattle, WA.

Roadside Diner: All of them. Every one of them is a beautiful, unique flower.

Truck Stop: Chiriaco Summit! (Somewhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles …)

Coffee House: Too hard to say. There are so many rad cafés with different styles across the world.

Dive Bar: There’s a place in Appleton, WI, that serves a Snowball, which is like a Christmas-y White Russian, ice-blended.

Book Shop: Myopic Books in Chicago, IL.

Backstage Hang: Life If Beautiful festival in Las Vegas!! They brought in a chef that cooked whole pigs over a charcoal fire and iron cross — and life has never been the same.

Highway Stretch: The I-17 coming down from Flagstaff to Phoenix is the most incredible welcome home we could ever ask for, always a sight for sore eyes.

Day Off Activity: We do something we call “Peeping the Scene” which basically means we go to a cool part of town and split up to poke around and find cool cafés, bookshops, bars, pool halls, bars, vintage shops, bars, and bars.

Tour Hobby: We learn … a lot. We read, we listen to podcasts, we observe, we talk about different cultures, and we grow with one another. It’s a really exciting way to live.

Record Store: Amoeba Music in L.A. is the mother load. It’s so much more than a record store: It’s an important part of American counter-culture. It’s a badass shirt shop. It’s a meeting place. It’s a beautiful venue. It’s everything you could ask for and more.

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Root 66: Jared and the Mill's Roadside Favorites
Root 66: Jared and the Mill's Roadside Favorites
Root 66: Jared and the Mill's Roadside Favorites
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