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Root 66: The Congress’s Roadside Favorites

Aug 31, 2016

Root 66: The Congress's Roadside Favorites

Name: The Congress
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Latest Project: The Game (September 9, 2016)

Tacos: Patzcuaro in Denver, CO and Guisados in Los Angeles, CA

Gear Shop: Music Emporium on Bardstown in Louisville KY. We found this amazing tweed bassman clone amplifier there (built by their repair tech) that has been our main guitar amp, keyboard amp, even a bass amp at times, and it is used on all of our records. Larry Gant, if you're out there, thank you!

Record Store: Wax Trax in Denver, CO. (Half of guitarist Scott Lane’s record collection is from poaching their dollar bin.)


Capping off this PA/DC run at @musikfest tonight.

A photo posted by The Congress (@thecongress) on

Driving Album: Phil Collins — Serious Hits… Live!

Backstage Hang: Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO.

Book Store: Chop Suey in Richmond, VA


Scoping Niagara Falls before we play the Rochester International Jazz Festival tonight

A photo posted by The Congress (@thecongress) on

Highway Stretch: Highway 101 through Redwood National/State Park

Tour Hobby: Making up our own — sometimes offensive — lyrics to famous songs for anything from general communication to show announcements.

Car Game: We have a game we invented called Turd Ferguson. We wrote several pages of very complicated rules (the "Constitution") over the course of a couple years. It's not really worth explaining beyond mentioning that it is played with sets of vintage Trivial Pursuit cards from the '80s, and there's a daily double-esque thing called the "Hot Round." Everyone sings the Hot Round theme song together when it happens. Also, we have to mention our game Kevin Bank'em, which is played by connecting two famous people in the style of the Kevin Bacon game — but you have to "bank" off of Kevin Bacon as a connection on the way.


Just some dudes laughing on a porch, photo @joey_wharton

A photo posted by The Congress (@thecongress) on

Music Festival: High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA

Airport: We've spent enough time at DIA to call it a home.

Day Off Activity: Chris Speasmaker (keys) and Jon Meadows (bass) are avid tour golfers.

Photo credit: William David Lawrence

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Root 66: The Congress's Roadside Favorites
Root 66: The Congress's Roadside Favorites