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Silver City Bound, ‘Take My Picture’

Feb 3, 2016

Silver City Bound, 'Take My Picture'

The life of a musician isn't an easy one, with long strings of late nights and cheap food wearing on you after a while. New York City quartet Silver City Bound is all too familiar with that specific brand of exhaustion, channeling the feeling into the title track from their upcoming Take My Picture EP, which releases March 4. "Take My Picture" is a surprisingly ebullient tune, one that has shades of Wilco, the Felice Brothers, and '70s classic rock.

"Recording 'Take My Picture' was a blur of late-night burritos, cheap drinks, and reckless, marathon recording sessions," vocalist/accordionist Sam Reider says. "Someone was taking muscle relaxants. Someone else was about to have a baby. It was an emotional time, and you can hear it in the music.

"This song is for everyone that's ever stood on a stage while those jerks in the back get drunk, yell at you, and don't leave a tip. This song is for anyone who's ever fallen in love with that fantasy person who's always just out of reach. This is an anthem and a love song. If you like it, 'Take a little piece of me and give it to someone you love.'"

Pre-order Take My Picture here

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Silver City Bound, 'Take My Picture'
Silver City Bound, 'Take My Picture'