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STREAM: Cricket Tell the Weather, ‘Tell the Story Right’

Aug 22, 2016

STREAM: Cricket Tell the Weather, 'Tell the Story Right'

Artist: Cricket Tell the Weather
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Album: Tell the Story Right
Release Date: September 6

In Their Words: "The songs I want to write are the same songs I want to sing — the ones that feel true. This album is a compilation of songs I've written or heard that feel reflective of a particular moment or sentiment that has resonated with me over the past few years. I've been inspired by the myths we make for ourselves to help make sense of things — from our own personal narratives, to stories about and for our friends, to ancient Biblical stories and the re-imagining of them.

There's a lot of American traditional music referenced on this album, which reminds us of our country's oral history. I wanted to use that tradition to help us tell our own stories, going on right here and now, as true as we have the bravery to tell them. These songs are all brought to life by a collaborative of musicians and friends that have put a lot of time, talent, and heart into this album, and I'm incredibly grateful and honored to work with them — Doug Goldstein (banjo), Jeff Picker (guitar), Mike Robinson (guitar), Dave Speranza (bass), Sam Weber (bass), Eric Ritter (engineering), and Jason Borisoff (engineering/mixing/production)." — Andrea Asprelli

Photo credit: Brian Geltner

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STREAM: Cricket Tell the Weather, 'Tell the Story Right'