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STREAM: Jennifer Knapp, ‘Love Comes Back Around’

Jun 21, 2017

STREAM: Jennifer Knapp, 'Love Comes Back Around'

Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Hometown: Chanute, KS
Album: Love Comes Back Around
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Label: Graylin Records / United For Opportunity

In Their Words: “Perhaps one of the greatest adventures in my life has been the quest for love — how to get it, give it, and keep it going. For me, love’s reward is more bountiful than just passionate romance; it’s rich and worth the labor of keeping it alive. From the most mundane of life’s circumstances to the most arduous, love and its hope is the one ingredient I can’t imagine living without. I’m captivated by it and wanted to focus on that while writing these songs. I wanted to celebrate the luxury of resting in it, as well as the beauty of the work it takes to make it happen.” — Jennifer Knapp

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STREAM: Jennifer Knapp, 'Love Comes Back Around'