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STREAM: Molsky’s Mountain Drifters, ‘Molsky’s Mountain Drifters’

Sep 7, 2016

STREAM: Molsky’s Mountain Drifters, 'Molsky’s Mountain Drifters'

Artist: Molsky’s Mountain Drifters
Hometown: Boston, MA and Beacon, NY
Album: Molsky’s Mountain Drifters
Release Date: September 9
Label: Frog Tree Music

In Their Words: "Bruce Molsky has long been one of my musical heroes, and it is such a joy to hear him in this configuration with the Molsky Mountain Drifters, featuring two of my good friends — Stash Wyslouch and Allison de Groot — accompanying him seamlessly on guitar and banjo. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with and are creating some of the most soul-stirring music out there today. It's hard to believe they are a new trio since the sounds they create together instantly feel so at home. The effortlessness and ease with which Bruce plays and sings has always been something I've deeply admired, and that is only highlighted alongside Stash and Allison. It is a rarity to hear music that lacks ego and puts soulfulness and a respect for tradition at the forefront. Bruce is simply one of the greatest musicians there is, period." — Sarah Jarosz

Photo credit: Kate Orne

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STREAM: Molsky’s Mountain Drifters, 'Molsky’s Mountain Drifters'