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The Show On The Road – Greg Holden

Jun 26, 2019

The Show On The Road - Greg Holden

This week, our guest is Greg Holden — a Scottish-born singer-songwriter and pop hitmaker with a series of increasingly personal, poetically powerful, and politically charged albums.


Greg Holden finds himself in an interesting spot. He’s a former major label artist who has taken himself off all social media and openly questions the need for the toxic digital society in which we’ve trapped ourselves. His songs “Boys in the Street” and “Hold on Tight” have been streamed nearly 26 million times. “Home,” the acoustic pop blockbuster he co-wrote for American Idol wunderkind Phillip Phillips, has been listened to more than 120 million times, but when you listen to these songs a little deeper, you discover a depth and introspection that is rarely found in mainstream pop music today.

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The Show On The Road - Greg Holden
The Show On The Road - Greg Holden
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