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WATCH: Aaron Lipp, “They Say I’ve Been Lonely”

Aug 17, 2021

WATCH: Aaron Lipp,

Artist: Aaron Lipp
Hometown: Naples, New York
Song: “They Say I’ve Been Lonely”
Release Date: June 26, 2021
Label: Temple Cabin Studios

In Their Words: “This song is inspired by some classic small-town lovers quarreling in the local bars and the misunderstandings we are all a part of in the human experience. The way gossip can make one feel passionate and fierce — thus being inspired to sing a fiery bluegrass tune about it. It’s like… everyone in town thinks you’re all torn up about someone but really you’ve moved on. It’s a beautiful sentiment and this song is for anyone who needs to share with the world their truth, especially if they’ve been portrayed in the wrong light. In the end, classically enough, the new lover is… you guessed it… the bottle!” — Aaron Lipp

Photo courtesy of the Artist

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WATCH: Aaron Lipp,
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WATCH: Aaron Lipp,
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