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WATCH: Abby Posner, “The Starting Line”

Aug 8, 2023

WATCH: Abby Posner,

Artist: Abby Posner
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Song: “The Starting Line”
Album: Second Chances
Release Date: August 11, 2023
Label: Blackbird Record Label

In Their Words: “I have always been torn between being an artist and having a family, and a part of this song is about working through some of these complicated feelings. ‘The Starting Line’ is also about feeling like an outsider, and ‘falling behind’ — it is a journey toward cultivating a new relationship and new perspective with that part of myself.

“I really wanted to do a stripped-down, live version of this song, because I didn’t want it to be perfect or over produced. The rawness is an important part of the song’s overall message. I have spent a lot of time in Temescal Canyon meditating, hiking, and unplugging from the sometimes chaotic hustle and bustle of LA! This is a place that I have always been able to self-reflect and see things more clearly.

“I hope that other artists, queer people, and non-conforming/unconventional folks will be able to hear this song as an anthem for being able to let their freak flag fly, and be proud of marching to the beat of their own drum.” – Abby Posner

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

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WATCH: Abby Posner,
WATCH: Abby Posner,